Maureen’s message… 

Yes, that’s my picture.  I got involved with the Lewisham Pensioners’ Gazette after about 12 years of teaching exercise, relaxation and practising point-of-pain massage when working with a company called ‘Bodytorque’ way back in the 1990s.

After 9 years of talking to and connecting with the older people of Lewisham and writing a magazine that specifically addresses their issues, I have discovered that so many pensioners are missing out because of the limitations they have when accessing relevant therapy and also because of their basic fear of computers…  Even if they can get to one, going to a local class has disadvantages:

*    There are often so many students that the teacher can’t give the individual help each learner needs so much of when they first make contact with a computer

*   The computer at home is different to the one at the school

*   …If there is a computer at home…

*   There is just so much to learn

*   There is never enough time to practice

Based on this experience I  decided to set up De-Stress Express to meet these identified needs.


Something had to be done.


De-Stress Express is a voluntary Organisation…